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Thank you for taking the time to inquire about creating a custom video of your fantasy.             
Our company has been creating custom fantasies for our clients since 2004 and since then we have been  committed to creating high quality custom fetish videos. Customs are available but only after review and acceptance of your script. Our custom video packages vary depending on model chosen, nude VS non-nude and whether there is sex or not involved  so its important we review your idea before quoting a rate.            
The average cost of a 10-20 minute production with editing is around $150 but can be as high as $1000 depending on how many models you want and what level of sexuality is involved. The majority of our customs fall in the $150-$250 range for a single model with no sexual contact. Please feel free to send us your storyline so that we can grant you a quote 

Due to the high number of customs we are commissioned to create our wait time CAN be longer than many other producers. We deleiver finished customs in the order that they were commissioned so if you order a custom and 5 people ordered before you that means there will be 5 customs edited and sent before yours is.

Delivery time can be as short as 2 days after shoot or as long as 10  business days after shoot. If you cannot wait 10 business days for your custom to be edited and deleivered we are NOT the company for you. We reccomend visiting another producer who is not as busy with customs however know that there is a reason why we are as popular as we are and have as many recurring customs from dozens of clients. Our clients like our quality and our prices for the fantasies they recieve. 


If you are interested in moving forward to discuss creating your custom fantasy email me your script and max budget.  We can help you with script writing if necessary.  Once we have a script and budget we can discuss talent, location and the details that ensure we deliver a a custom that you are 100% thrilled with.  Please contact us with your story idea by clicking here


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A few basic line items for a soft-core fetish custom:
• Customs are produced in 10-minute to 30-minute lengths.
• Non-Local Models can be flown in and shot with but you will be responcible for their travel which can be as high as an extra $800 per model for a 7 hour production day